New to the freelance game, I’m looking for as much experience as possible. My previous projects have varied from its subject matter, so I’m willing to attempt whatever project you may have in mind. I typically have been appealing to upcoming and amateur artists, models, companies, etc. who are trying to make a name for themselves, but with an affordable avenue because other design companies can either become expensive or don't provide the expected quality they initially were paying for. I’ve been in the shoes of an underdog, and I know without a doubt it can be a bumpy ride when you're just getting on your feet and need some assistance to get things moving. I have been ambitious but humble and I feel that in order to fulfill your long term goals you have to take small steps first and I am willing to help as that stepping stone. My prices range from project-to-project and I have base/starter prices depending on what you’re working with to give you an idea. Understand that these are just base prices and they are subject to change depending on the simplicity or complexity of the work. The quality, detail, and labor and additional alterations will determine the final price. Please note that I am also open to negotiations/package deals. As I said before, don’t hesitate to let me know. Contact me here or on Facebook. Requests are responded back in a prompt manner in the order that they came in.